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Furniture Porn is proud to present this big ol' batch of hot links to our fine fellow porn-producing deviants on the World Wide Web. Check 'em out!!!!!!! And when you get there, tell 'em Furniture Porn sent ya!

NEW!Lego Porn! Although for legal reasons, he must refer to it as " Block Structure Porn."
NEW!Brush Porn... uh... um... ok... (cough)
NEW!Fast Food Fornication! Just what it says, man. Hungry?
*Alright, get your dirty mind out of the gutter for five seconds and go smarten up at Useless Sexual Trivia!! Keep abreast of the latest sex news! Get it?! A-breast?! Hunh?! Pretty clever, hunh?! Yeah.
*Prawnography! Hot, pink and their long antenna are a-wiggling just for you, big boy.
*Do you love a man in uniform? Well, you're in luck. Stand up straight, maggot, and salute Army Men Porn! Watch out, cause they're bringing out the BIG guns!
*Star Wars Toys Sex! For goodness sakes, don't tell the folks at Kenner!
*Got an artistic bent? Or just bent mentally? Well, grab your imagination and check out The Nipple Project! A poor lass needs your help! She just had new nipples put in and is inviting YOU to help design the areolae!
*They say it's merely a set of ads for a Brazilian Internet Company. Ha! I say it's an artistic achievement of the highest order. Mainly cause I wish we'd thought of it.
*Crush freaks?!
*This site is quite possibly the geekiest porn site on the Internet. Which is quite an accomplishment if you think about it. So, if you don't already know about the "twisted pair" maybe you should stay the hell away from!
*Some folks like white women. Some like black women. But it takes a special man to like a special kind of woman: Blue Women.
*Some days you think you've seen it all. Some days you think there is nothing new under the Internet. Some days you think there is nothing web-based that can ever shock, stun or titillate you ever again. Then some days you run across something like Nude Man Carrot.
*Mankind moves one step closer to true cybersex with Lady OpalCat's Virtual Vibrator! A special thanks to her for bringing it to our attention. Requires javascript.
*Okay boys, get your nuts out and get ready to play cause here come Naked Squirrels!
*XXXX Pictures! That's right, not X, not XXX, but XXXX pictures! That's one whole X better than ordinary triple X!
*Bovinia - The naked cow is a beautiful thing. We should never be ashamed of it. Sensitive, spiritually uplifting cowporn.
*If Bovinia is too touchy-feely for you, try some mainstream, less explicit cowporn at Playcow.
*I'm not sure if I should be alarmed or glad that there are two cow porn sites and only one sheep porn site: PlayBaah! (warning: site loads slow!)
* Telephone sex?! Damn! Why didn't we think of that?
*Bears in Bondageland! Ev'ry Teddy Bear who's been good is sure of a treat today. There's lots of marvelous things to eat and wonderful games to play!
*The Kama Sutra of Pooh! Check out what that silly ol' pooh gets up to when that narc Christopher Robin is away.
*Yikes! If you're a true deviant, you won't want to miss the Ultimate Kiddie Porn Page! Not for the squeamish.
*Now this is more like it! Hell yeah, it's All Nude Teen Stick Figures! All nude! All teen! All crudely drawn!
*Stick Figure Death Theater Adult Section! Snuff porn fans only! This site features sexy stick figures being killed in graphic ways! Sick stuff! You have been warned!
* Okay, this is the ONE link that doesn't have any dirty pictures. But it's fun, dammit! Take the quiz that dares to ask: Porn Star or My Little Pony?
Products for the Discriminating Pervert
* Hey, are you tired of scraping dried bodily fluids off your monitor and out of your keyboard? Sure, we all are. Well, behold the Spankie! While this product is designed for men, ladies may wish to check it out as it makes a great gift and says "I care."
* Go download Net Nymph, very, very necessary Internet filtering software!
*No, I'm sorry. You actually need a RealSheep.
*Okay, Once again I am in error. I'm sorry. What you really need is a RealDog.
*We knew they could talk and react to stimuli, but we had no idea they were this versatile! Order your Furby hooker today!
*Some people make their own fun: Check out the Inflatable Clydesdale Project page. Sorry dudes, he only made the one, but maybe you can pick up some construction tips. There's also this other person's inflatable animal fetish page here, but did he go and make his own? Pfft! No!
Here's a Whole Mess o' Kitty Porn!
NEW Hey, it's! You want 'em live? You want 'em nude? You want 'em to be cats? Well, click on the damn link already, dammit!
* Strictly amateur tabbies and longhairs here. Dare I say... skank!

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