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Furniture Porn would like present the following, unsolicited testimonial from an actual Furniture Porn viewer:

Dear Webmaster(s),

Ever since I was about ten, I knew there was something missing in my life. It seems like I was always a little different; I was the kid who played alone indoors when all the others left for recess. I was the one who fell asleep on the couch watching TV while the other kids were enthralled with Twister and Barbies. I was the one who didn't mind it when I got sent to time-out in the Bad Chair at the daycare center I went to after school.

As I got older, it became more of a problem. My mom tried to give me the sex talk when I reached puberty, but I didn't understand how anyone could want to do that. I went and sat in my favorite chair and tried to read a book, wondering what she was talking about. Another year went by, and I started to feel that something was really wrong with my life, that something was amiss that I couldn't explain. I could only feel that I was missing some vital part of me.

For years, I tried to satisfy that craving. I finally thought I had really discovered it when I joined the girls' softball team, but I was a benchwarmer the whole season, and they didn't want me back. I joined a 4-H club for woodworking and found my niche for awhile at least... We carved and put together outdoor furniture and sold it to tourists. They kicked me out when I turned eighteen.

I never dated; boys tried to get me to date them but I didn't see the point, I only wanted to be friends. Two months ago, my mom finally sat me down and asked me if I'm gay. I was so confused...I didn't think I liked girls anymore than boys, but did I even know what I wanted? I cried and went back to my room, where I've spent that whole time depressed and wondering why the only explanation anyone can come up with doesn't make me feel any better.

I was playing on the Internet to try and take my mind off of it when I saw your site. Suddenly, I knew what it was I had been missing! I printed out your entire site and ran to the bathroom, where I spent about four hours before coming out, breathless and suddenly confident and sure of myself.

Thank you for showing me who I am and what I have been missing!

Sincere gratitude,

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