Furniture Porn Sucks!

Here are actual emailed comments received by us at Furniture Porn. I guess it's like they say: you can't please everybody. But we would like to note that this page is much shorter than our Furniture Porn Rocks page.

this is the most idiotic thing i have ever seen

This site is destructive to the common decency to our work place and the sanctity of office furniture all over the world. I am appalled at you total disregard for the sensitivity of those us with any moral standing in the office furniture community.

You are a demented individual.

dude! this is sick!

Is this some kind of sick jock. What person would look at chair fucking chairs? Just wanted to let you know that!

I was searching the web for information on various kinds of furniture polishes, I ran across your site. I can't honestly believe that there are people in this world who get sexually aroused from looking at pictures of household furnishings "doing it." Are there really people out there who find this stuff arousing? And shame on you for promoting this kind of thing. I am deeply morally outraged.

Hey, I payed my lousy $20, and now my password won't work? What kind of site are you, anyway? I demand a prompt refund!

My God!!!! I've seen some sick, twisted, evil, vile, ungodly, perverted things in my day (mostly purchased by me thru the mail in plain brown envelopes) but this takes the cake! -
I will NEVER sit down again for the rest of my life!!!! I never realized what furniture really stood for until I saw this Satanic website. Until now I thought the only true threat to me were the aliens who keep probing me in my sleep. Now I see that everyone and everything IS out to get me! I knew I was right all along... -
May God have mercy on your soles, ankles, arches & insteps. But if he doesn't, I will understand why. -

...stupid and pointless and just wasn't even worth being there.

I am appalled by your total lack of taste! Don't you see the damage you are doing to young furniture everywhere? The objectification of our four legged brethren is disgusting and will be tolerated no longer! You sick fiends, I hold you directly responsible for the current media bombardment of how furniture should or shouldn't look. My foldout couch has been in my household for over ten years now. She may not look as tight or supportive as she once was, but she makes up for it in her selfless giving, night after night. Because of this site, she now cries to sleep after whimpering about how she doesn't recline, or isn't as ergonomically pleasing as she once was. Bastards, I can only hope for the day one of your used and discarded Barcaloungers rises up and meets you with swift justice at the business end of its footrest!

You people disgust me the way you exploit furniture. My computer desk actually blushed and now I cant keep the damn couch off the dinning room table. You should be ashamed of yourselves for this horrible miscarriage of art and sensibility. And your freewheeling homofurn. pix should be outlawed. Do the right thing and take this horrible site off the www.

Heathens, You shall burn in a specially designated circle of hell, for the way you have abused these poor blameless furnishings.

You are an extrememly immoral person. How dare you infringe upon the socially accepted morality of furniture by presenting these perverted pistures! You should die of gonorehhah (?) and rot in hell.
P.S. I am really, really drunk right now.

i want to see more furniture shouldnt mess with someones emotions like that.....only showing a few pics then making me try those "stupid" passwords......i felt like a furniture porn freak.....

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